Rural Agriculture Development Project

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I. Set up family self-sufficiency through agriculture, gardening and livestock

Poor farmers will have opportunities to learn about new agriculture techniques through a learning-by-doing approach. Demonstration farms will be established in communities where there is interest and commitment to provide training to local people. 


These farmers will receive training to become Core Village Trainers (CVTs). Activities here will include animal husbandry (organic pigs, chickens and compost fertilizer production) and organic vegetable growing, including rice, potato, cabbage, corn, watermelon and garlic. Improved access to quality seeds will allow farmers to grow better crops with a higher yield. 

II. Improved small infrastructure systems in community (dams, water ponds and adding fish)

Agriculture production is one of CBAVC‘s target areas due to seasonal droughts and low rainfall. To boost agricultural production, support will be provided to communities willing to contribute to repairing existing and constructing new irrigation systems including dams, water ponds and adding fish to support the school children and villagers, etc.

Repair to these systems and construction of new ones are included in almost all commune development plans. Increased access to water will ensure successful outcomes for agricultural production. Adding fish to the water ponds will increase food production which can be used by the school children and villagers. This program's aim is to give the community the resources it needs to be self sustaining in water supply and food production.

III. Tractor Machine for Agriculture Works

Most farmers are faced in the lacking of agricultural tools and tractor machines for agriculture works in their villages and community. Tractor is very important for the farmers to work in the farmland preparation in fields.   

Tractors and other farming equipment can be supplied or cost efficiently rented to farmers in need through this project

Project Cost Description

  • Animal husbandry (organic farm for pigs, chickens) and the compost fertilizer production for vegetable growing including rice, potato, cabbage, corn, watermelon and garlic for poor farmers in the village $1,500 USD

  • Construction of new water irrigation system in the village, including dam, water pond adding fish (width 15m x length 20m and depth 7m) $3,500 USD

  • A tractor machine for agriculture works in the farmland preparation $25,000 USD

Special thanks to our donors
We are very grateful to have the support from our kind donors of Mad Monkey Hostels in helping us to purchase the good quality seeds and donating additional funding for the projects in local community.

Please note: Donations of any size are appreciated and accepted and will go toward the fundraising for the larger project.




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National Road No.6, #165, Bak Angrut Village, Kork Thlork Kraom Commune, Chikreng District, Siem Reap

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Phone call in Cambodia: (+855) 092373730
Phone call in USA/WhatsApp/Telegram: +1(612) 258-9620
E-mail: sanvan@cbavc.org / info@cbavc.org

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