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Cambodia is recovering from a prolonged civil war that lasted for more than two decades. The war has left behind disable people, widows, poor education, poor infrastructure, and a weak health system. There was great devastation because of this long civil war in many parts of the country. Most of the educated population such as, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and architects were killed by the war or had died from the starvation and effects left after the war. Cambodia is now recovering. Cambodia still lacks knowledge, resources, and basic needs. The uneducated and vulnerable population of Cambodia cannot be knowledgeable about things such as tradition, environmental issues, politics, and other types of worldly issues.

Relying on these factors, CBAVC is here to help respond to needs of those people and to alleviate the tensions, traumas, vulnerability and susceptibility which are threatening them. CBAVC especially works to widen the opportunity for all the children in Cambodia to grow up with knowledge, skills, capacity and morality so that they can build peace in their society.

At this present moment, we have provided free education in the Bak Angrut village of Chikreng district by teaching additional Khmer, English, and the Arts. The local village people with the direct beneficiaries from CBAVC of 337 families (1,560 people), including 572 females, and 280 children who are living in poverty have made this possible.

Through the education programs, donors and volunteers can sponsor funds for the school projects and support the five local teachers with salaries, creative classes and games, and bring donations for children with books, textbooks, pens & pencils, school uniforms, school bags, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, and bicycles.

When funding allows, we prepare to build the schools as follows:

  • Preparing a budget, plan and builder bids for school building.
  • Contracting with the school constructor.
  • Set up of school construction committee to monitor completion of project.
  • Training of committee to monitor school construction.
  •  Compiling reports on school construction to CBAVC staff and donors.
  • Preparing opening ceremony after completion of building.

Fund for the School Project $45,000 USD

If you have any questions regarding donations or any of our programs, or teaching English to our children please contact us!!






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Without donations like yours, however, the CBAVC will not have funds to keep operating. A financial gift from you will be a big help in reaching our goal. More details...

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National Road No.6, #165, Bak Angrut Village, Kork Thlork Kraom Commune, Chikreng District, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Phone call in Cambodia: (+855) 092373730
Phone call in USA/WhatsApp/Telegram: +1(612) 258-9620
E-mail: sanvan@cbavc.org / info@cbavc.org

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