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CBAVC helps disabled Cambodian people in Community Development Program by providing clean water wells, toilet facilities, houses, cow and pig raising project for families, and rural agriculture development project. These projects are implemented through:

I. Clean Water Well Project
Cambodia is a developing country but is still incredibly poor in many areas. This project aims to assist the Cambodian government to reduce poverty and the illnesses that are caused by unclean water. Our wells are made from digging with a concrete base at the surface and they generally go down about 10 to15 meters deep. More details...

II. Toilet Facilities Project
Cambodia is still struggling with having basic toilet and bathroom sanitation that would be up to a reasonable standard. This means that regular toilets, privacy when using the bathroom, soap, along with clean water for the bathroom is sometimes not present in a home or school. When finances permit, CBAVC builds toilets for local schools and families. This increases sanitation, reduces health risks and increases dignity. More details...

III. Home Building Project

Thanks to some generous donors, we were able to meet some poor Cambodian family living around the Bak Angrut Village, Chikreng District, Tonle Sap Lake and help them build a new house. This family was living in a frame of a house using a tarp as a roof. This was during the rainy season and it was quite cold for this family. They were very grateful to have walls and a roof added to their already existing frame. We accept volunteers to either raise funds for materials or come help us build a house. More details...

IV. Cow and Pig Raising Project for Families

CBAVC is working to provide cows and pigs to the families through donations. One cow and pig give birth very well at one time, families will get income from raising cows and pigs to help their kids go to local school. Our goal is help 500 cows and 1,000 pigs to rural families in Chikreng district, Siem Reap. More details...

V. Rural Agriculture Development Project

We have set up this program to include learning, training, and support for local families to produce clean water systems and increased agricultural supply. This includes setting up demonstration farms for people to be trained from, animal husbandry such as organic pigs, chickens and compost fertilizer production, organic vegetable growing, and improved small infrastructure systems in communities. More details...


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Without donations like yours, however, the CBAVC will not have funds to keep operating. A financial gift from you will be a big help in reaching our goal. More details...

Location Address

National Road No.6, #165, Bak Angrut Village, Kork Thlork Kraom Commune, Chikreng District, Siem Reap

Contact Details

Phone call in Cambodia: (+855) 092373730
Phone call in USA/WhatsApp/Telegram: +1(612) 258-9620
E-mail: sanvan@cbavc.org / info@cbavc.org

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