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We have sponsored vulnerable children and orphans from the poorest families unable attend local schools by proving sport materials, backpacks, school uniforms and bicycles and school fees through Child Sponsorship Program. 

Kat Sreynoch, (sponsored)

I'm 7 years old, but I just study in grade 2 at a primary school located over 5km far away from my home. I have got 5 siblings and 2 of them dropped out of school after finishing primary school at grade 6 because of the extreme poverty. Many teenagers like my 2 siblings left school and started to work to support the family in village. Thank you for sponsoring my study!



Sat Sreymoy, (sponsored)
I’m 6 years old. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother in my family. My parents are working hardly to earn a little money to support the family with daily food. I like painting and reading English and Khmer. Now I am studying at the primary school. My goal, I want to be a good teacher of English to help all the children in my village. Thank you so much to CBAVC for sponsoring my study.

Rong Chetra, (sponsored)

I’m 12 years old. I am living with my 5 siblings in family. My parents work hard, but do not earn very much for family. I like playing football and reading Khmer and English. I am now studying at the secondary school. I would like to become a teacher to educate the children in my village. Thank you for sponsoring my study!

Non Sarat, (sponsored)

I’m 14 years old. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother in family. They are poor and work hardly in the rice field to make money to buy the rice food for family. I am now studying at the secondary school. Thank you to CBAVC. I want to become a teacher of English to make sure that all children can be educated and have a better future.

San Seth, (sponsored)

I am now volunteering at CBAVC, because I want to have experience to help disable people and vulnerable children in rural community. I want my country to be developed. And then I want the children in my country to be educated people, not ignorant people.

Working at CBAVC, I have gained a lot of good knowledge and experience through the university scholarship and workshops and training and the supports in my daily job implementation. Through these supports, I feel that I have enough ability and confidence to complete my role.

Furthermore, having good relationship with all coworkers also make me feel comfortable and committed to work. I am aware that I have changed a lot if compare to before such as: knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience. Thank you for helping my education in bachelor degree of accounting and marketing management at university and everything you have done for me. Seth, Accounting Officer.


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CBAVC is a registered charity with the Government of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. Registration No: 271. All the taxes-excepted.

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National Road No.6, #165, Bak Angrut Village, Kork Thlork Kraom Commune, Chikreng District, Siem Reap

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Phone in Cambodia: +855 092 37 37 30
Phone in USA: +1(612) 258-9620
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