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Advisory Board Member

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CBAVC has advisory board members who have roles and responsibilities for the organization such as participating in internal staff evaluation every year. They will also help in developing organization policies, seeking donors to support organization activities, providing advice, problem solving and participating in midterm and final project evaluations.

Craig Astill

Advisory Board Member

Craig and his wife Jacqueline Astill have been an Advisory Board Member of CBAVC since 2012. Craig Astill, CEO of Caason Group is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Caason Group is a sophisticated investments group and private family office with interests in international trade, direct investment, sustainable development and innovation across multiple sectors and diverse markets.

Through CBAVC projects, Craig and Jacqueline have raised and financially supported from Caason Group for the building of water wells, toilets, houses, the school kitchen, University scholarships and provided school supplies to vulnerable children and disabled people in the rural areas of Cambodia. Caason Group have kindly donated over $28,508 USD to CBAVC.

Leelay Lieu

Board of Director Member

Leelay has been a Board of Director Member of CBAVC since 2014. She has visited tree times at CBAVC in Siem Reap.

Leelay is currently working on her medical field at Dignity Health Community Hospital of San Bernardino in California. She has raised and donated $9,700 USD to CBAVC for water wells, sanitation toilets, houses and education programs in the regions of Cambodia. In her free time, Leelay loves traveling, nature and portrait photography, researching and providing assistance to CBAVC and other NGOs.

Leelay will continue to be a huge support to CBAVC and will be able to direct and answer any queries regarding about donations and volunteering for anyone in United States who would like to be involved and look forward to building a brighter future for the many affected regions in Cambodia.

Raf Verelst

Board of Director Member

Raf lives and works in Belgium (Antwerp region) and first came to Cambodia as a backpacker during a one year journey through South - East Asia in 2013/2014 and got to know Mad Monkey hostels and donated his first well (No. 56).

2 years later he traveled back to Cambodia and then met monk San Van and together with him visited the local people and the regions where there is a need for wells.

Since then Raf has engaged to set up fundraising in Belgium and neighboring countries. An annual event that he organizes is "the Crazy Pub Crawl" to attracting sponsors and donating $8,070 USD to the CBAVC projects. 

If you want more explanation in Dutch, English, German or you want to make a donation yourself, you can contact Raf via Raf.Verelst@telenet.be (languages: Dutch, English, German), he will gladly assist you with the organization of a fundraising event.

Aslyn Meneghini

Board of Director Member

Aslyn lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has been a valued member of CBAVC since 2016 and she has visited four times at CBAVC in Siem Reap to help the CBAVC projects. Raising and donating $5,070 USD for wells, toilets and clothing to both the rural areas and staff of CBAVC. Through her own personal networking she plans to continually make a difference for the impoverished areas of Cambodia supporting CBAVC wholeheartedly. 


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