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Volunteer Opportunity

The Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC) is a small NGO with big goals. It was started a few years ago by monks of Wat Polangka temple, Siem Reap. We are currently providing simple but essential water wells for families in a nearby village, sponsoring schools and helping the kids with their English.

We have built simple accommodation for volunteers to come and spend some time in the village, experience rural life and help out with English lessons or share expertise about agriculture. The kids are eager to learn and families who have water to grow and sell vegetables with from their sponsored wells will appreciate advice on agricultural practices. Come and join in the fun. Come and learn about Buddhism from us and let us show you the hospitality and warmth of Cambodia and its villages.

The Mad Monkey Hostels and CBAVC, supported 200 clean water wells to the most disable rural families of Cambodia

We at the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC) and the Mad Monkey Hostels/Cambodia are actively working to make many different lives in the world.

For 200 water wells, we have delivered the water to many thousands of families who are living in poverty of Siem Reap Province. For a well could use it from 10 to 20 families. Without your invaluable contribution we would not be able to transform the lives of so many disabled people. Cost of a well is $230.00 USD. Thank you for helping the water wells.

Venerable SAN VAN at CBAVC, He is very pleased and honored to be invited to join for the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit in Seoul, Republic of South Korea

We believe that the World Alliance of Religion’s Peace can join men, women, youth, and children in picking up the mantle of peace and taking responsibility to promote the message of peace and cessation of war and reconciliation for world peace so everyone on the earth can have peace.

Supported 260 school bags to vulnerable kids in Education Programs

Improvement of local teachers from government schools so that they can provide better education to children such as schooling, sport materials, school uniforms, bicycles to the poorest, vulnerable and disable children from the poorest families.

Community Development Program/House Construction

CBAVC has currently started to construct a lovely house to the most vulnerable rural families of Siem Reap Province. We started a house construction with Community Development Programs to bring all these families toward for better lives. The house is made by wood and supported by all the generous people around the world.

Community toilet building to the poor villagers

Beginning of community toilet construction with 3 rooms to the poor villagers in the development areas of CBAVC in Siem Reap province. The toilet was supported by the international investment companies of Caason Group, Australia.

Supporting the water filters to families who are living in poverty

CBAVC has currently supported over 63 water filters the poorest families of Cambodia. Every year hundreds of disadvantaged Cambodian people, and especially children under the age of five years old, died from diarrhea and other diseases which are caused by unsafe water from the canal and river that they usually drink the water without boil or purify first.